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We work with the parking office each year to have evening parking passes available for purchase for our parents and divers who drive.


The pass you need to ask for is "RESTRICTED PS1" Parking Pass. These passes cost approximately $35 each for a semester and about $48 for the entire year.


This pass allows you to park in the parking garage on the left (on University) across the street from the Lancaster Aquatic Center. The Restricted PS1 pass is good weekdays anytime after 3:30 and anytime on weekends (excluding football gamedays). Just go down to the UK Parking Office on Press Ave. and Virginia Ave and tell them you are with Kentucky Diving Club and would like a Restricted PS1 parking pass. 


There is also a pay per hour parking garage past the pool on the right on the corner of Sport Ct. and Complex Dr. that costs $2.00 per hour. 

For more information on the UK Parking Office, click here.

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