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Q. What does my diver need for practice? 

A. Lesson divers will need a bathing suit, towel and a mask. Athletic clothes are also good for dryland and trampoline training. 

Team divers will need athletic clothes, a water bottle, a bathing suit, a towel and a mask. 


Q. My diver seems to do a lot of jumps and basic dives. Are they learning anything? 

A. We are so glad you asked! Yes! They are! A huge part of diving at all levels (beginner or Olympic) is perfecting basic skills. Divers of all skill levels spend a large amount of time practicing hurdles, jumps, and basic dives. At KDC we spend a lot of time working on these skills. It is important for a diver to be able to do basic skills well before they progress to harder skills. If divers already know harder skills, it is still important to work on the basics. By working on the basics you are actually working on the harder skill. 

For example, if a diver would like to learn a front 1  1/2 they need to be able to do a hurdle front jump with proper technique. The next progression would be a hurdle front dive tuck. Once this is done with proper form and technique, a diver will learn a front flip tuck, and then a front 1  1/2. Even divers that already know how to do a front 1  1/2 need to go back and work on these progressions again to help their front 1  1/2 go straight up, spin in one spot, and go in the water with a clean entry. 

Q. Can I bring my registration forms and payment to the pool?

A. We need all payments and registration forms either sent electronically or mailed to 1845 Williamsburg Rd. Lexington, KY 40504. We are unable to accept payments on the pool deck. 

Q. When can my diver move to the Elite team? 

A. Divers on the Elite team must be motivated, hard-working, and respond well to coaching. Divers must also be able to do a dive in each direction (front, back, reverse, and inward) and have the talent and ability to progress further with these dives (flips, 1 1/2, 2 1/2's, etc).

Elite team invites are up to the Head Coach and are by invitation only. If your diver is interested in the team, please make sure their coach knows this is a goal for them. 

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