Intermediate lessons are available for divers who have basic diving skills and are

ready to build on these skills in all categories: front, back, reverse, and inward.


Intermediate lessons will continue to work on the basic diving skills learned in 

the beginner lessons. The key to learning harder dives is perfecting basic skills. 


intermediate lesson divers will also start learning basic 3m skills. 


High school divers are also encouraged to join our intermediate lessons to get

extra practice on basics before and during their high school season. 



Intermediate Lesson Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Intermediate times: 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.


Coach: Alex Valder & Peighton Hall


Price per session

$70 for once a week lessons

$110 for twice a week lessons

$145 for three times a week lessons

**Each session is four weeks long. 


There is a $40 registration fee that covers divers with insurance and is required to dive at the UK pool.


Click on the calendar to see session start and end dates. Money is due 5 days before each session begins. Some lessons fill up quickly, so it is best to register as early as possible to get your first choice of lesson days. 

To Register:

1. E-mail to reserve your spot. 

2. Fill out registration forms.

3. Pay/Mail payments to the address on the forms or through Venmo.